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An advanced form builder for Umbraco.

Installing Locally

There are a number of ways to install Formulate. This will cover the local installation method:

Installing with NuGet

If you have setup your Umbraco website with NuGet in Visual Studio, you can also install Formulate using NuGet. There are two packages available:

The main Formulate NuGet package is what you’d typically install into your website.

The binaries package is what you’d install into a class library if you need to reference the Formulate DLL’s (e.g., if you are creating a custom field).

Note that once you install with NuGet, you’ll have to run the website and wait a minute or two. The first time the website is run with Formulate installed, Formulate will modify some files (e.g., it will change the web.config to point to the Formulate configuration files).