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An advanced form builder for Umbraco.

Formulate 0.5.0

All Formulate Field Types

This is the biggest update to Formulate to date. Be mindful that it includes a number of breaking changes, so you may need to address some compilation errors after upgrading. The highlights include:

New Field Types

These new types of fields were added:

Field Enhancements

These changes were made to fields:

Layout Designer Changes

These changes were made to the layout designer:

Frontend Improvements

These changes were made to the frontend of the form:

Data Value Changes

These changes were made to data values:

Submission Handler Changes

Allowed submissions handlers to have a synchronous method for when they need to extract information from the same thread as the submission.

API Improvements

Made a few classes public that are useful when creating custom fields.

Informational Changes

Added banner so people are less confused about the unimplemented data sources feature.


Ensured Formulate icons don’t overwrite Umbraco’s built-in icons.


You can install Formulate in the usual way, which you can read about here: Installing